La Dormiosa®

La Dormiosa® Barbera d'Alba D.O.C. maturata in barrique.

Grapevine: Barbera.
Our vineyards are all located in Neive.
Vine that is very widespread in the Piedmont region where it produces wines with different characteristics depending on the area of production.
In honour of an ancient local tradition grapes are vinified by us by adding, during fermentation, 10-15% of Nebbiolo grapes from Barbaresco to make wine softer and enhance their fragrances. The wine, which is dry, sparkling and agreeably sharpish, matches with cheeses, pork salted meats, white and red meats, poultry, mixed boiled meats, soups and minestrone soups. La “Dormiosa” ripens in medium-toasting barriques.
Colour: intense ruby red tending in the course of time to garnet red.
Fragrance: winy.
Taste: dry, agreeably sharpish, fruity if young.
Alcohol: at 11.5°, at 14°.
Temperature of service: 18°.